I realized that I liked making art was when I was in kindergarten. The class room was set up with easels, tempera paints, and newsprint. I painted a man dressed in green in a running position. My teacher, Mrs. Nichols, pointed out to the class that my picture showed action and was not a static stick figure. In second Grade at Clairbourn School, my teacher, Mrs. Hayes, put the classical music station on the radio and let us paint what ever we wanted to the music. Art and music became the means of my self expression. In high school I signed up for art and music classes whenever possible. I had some great instructors. Mr. Gephardt’s art classes were at college level and Beverly Benso , my choir director, had us singing Stravinsky, Bach, William Billings, Gabrelli, etc. She currently sings all over the world with opera companies and in concert. Following high school I majored in art at Fullerton College but was interrupted by the draft and spent four years in the USAF. Upon discharge from the USAF, I went to Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA, again majoring in art and music. Then I transferred to Cal State University, Fullerton, where I finished with a BA in Art History.

To be continued…..